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South Buckinghamshire, Amersham, Beaconsfield, Chalfont St Giles, Chalfont St Peter, Chenies, Chesham Bois, Chorleywood, Gerrards Cross, Hedgerley, Hyde Heath, Jordans, Latimer, Little Chalfont, Little Missenden, Seer Green, Shardelos, Penn Street, Winchmoor Hill
                                    Terms and Conditions 

01. Deliveries and collections are grouped together in particular areas on certain days for logistical reasons.
02. For regular weekly or fortnightly orders, we can offer a 48 Hr turn-around.
03. For all other orders it is 48 - 72 hours.
04. In school holidays our times can change slightly and our service may be slower.
05. If you are not at home for collection & delivery we are happy to leave your order in a safe dry place such as a shed, car port, car or lobby.
06. We recommend purchasing a clothing rail from 'Argos' for around 10 which we can use to leave your order on.
07. You are welcome to collect or deliver to/from us if easier.
08. If shirts are tumble dried they will not iron well - we recommend shirts are hung wet on hangers to dry.
09. We can starch items as required but the starch must be supplied by the customer. We do not use chemicals as standard just purified water.
10. Ironing will be returned neatly folded in one of our bags or on hangers if provided.
11. We will hang items on our chargable metal hangers if we feel they cannot be folded.
12. We are unable to provide specific customer folding requirements for orders.
13. Please make us aware of any special requirements or treatments of garments. New customers should write down all special requirements on paper and leave with order to ensure work is carried out to their requirements.
14. Our bags remian the property of ' local ironing service' and must be returned by arrangement within 4 weeks if our service is no longer required.
15. We cannot accept any pet bedding for washing or ironing.
16. Please do not give us any items of sentimental or substantial monetary value to iron or wash
17. Ironing is carried out in a smoke & pet free enviroment.
18. Receipt are issued with each order showing weight and total cost or it can be sent by text.
19. Online transfers are the preferred method of payment but cash or cheques are accepted.


20. When placing an order you are accepting our terms and conditions.
21. Ironing does not make discolouration marks or stains on garments, pressure from irons does not change the shape of clothing.
22. We do not accept liability for damage due to ironing of item without care instructions or items treated in accordance with the care instructions provided.
23. Leather items, buttons, buckles, beading and any other type of decoration is proccessed entirely at owners risk.
24. Sometimes customers are not aware of existing holes, marks or stains that we find on their orders - in these instances we take no responsibility.
25. We will endevour to advise you when we find holes or stains with one of our stickers which will be placed on the item. Please note stickers can sometimes be dislodged.
26. We recommend purchasing our plastic coverings for all hanging items which provides protection from dust, rain splashes and marks which could be encountered during transit and although we do our best is sometimes out of our control.
27. Occasional creasing can occur during transit but we do our best to eliminate this, When garments are folded creasing will occur and cannot be avoided. It is not always possible to remove all creasing on garments with irons and in such instances we recommend using dry cleaners.
28. Sometime our experienced ironers are not able to iron garments to their satisfaction and high standards due to the material type or sometimes the garment is aged.
29. Our ironers exercise the utmost care in ironing and processing items entrusted to them. We are not liable for inherent weaknesses or defects in materials, which may result in tears or development of holes in fabric that are not readily apparent prior to ironing.
30. We take responsibility for accidental damage with our irons which result in either permanent scorch or shine marks only. We would make the customer aware upon delivery and compensation is at our discretion.
31. We reserve the right to refuse to iron any item.